Nassau Golf have a golf ball manufacturing history which dates back to 1976, they are not new comers, even if they are a new name to golfers in the UK.

Nassau Factory South Korea

You will also notice that none of the top players in the world play the Nassau Brand, but you do not have to be an expert in golf marketing to realise that is because one golf ball supplier pays players handsomely to play their balls. The cost of this marketing activity is passed on to those are not fortunate enough to receive free balls and a large cheque for playing the balls.

During independent tests in 2016 the Nassau Quattro performed as well as the leading brand golf ball (it went a little further and had more backspin around the green) – the main difference is in the price.

Miraquel is delighted to be able to offer the Nassau Golf Ball range here in Great Britain. Nassau make in excess of 100 million golf balls a year in there factory in South Korea and yet chances are you have never heard of them.

Nassau Golf Balls

On the excellent website one person had asked about consistency and maybe the results obtained in their tests were due to a manipulation of the results. I.e. they had received a few “specials” but the general product would not be anywhere nears as good.

I have been in business over 30-years I have seen just about every trick in the book and from my personal experience of the golf balls I have yet to see a blemish on anything.

The printing is perfect on the packaging, every ball I have examined has been perfect so far. However, I will say that for English speaking golfers some of the wording on the packaging is how a foreigner would write English rather than a native. That has been the only mark down I have found. (The wording makes sense but that was the only issue.)

Nassau make one hundred million golf balls per year. If they did not know how to make golf balls consistently it is pretty obvious they could not and would not still be in business.

quality control

Rubber becoming a golf ball

Golf Ball Production

As with most manufacturing processes machines carryout the bulk of the work in the production of the 100 million golf balls produced annually.

Golf Ball Production